Swim Lessons

COVID-19 Modified Swim Lessons

Registrations open December 15:

Due to restrictions based on COVID-19 guidelines, swim lessons will be modified to accommodate social distancing requirements: 

  • A parent or caregiver must be in the water for Parent/Child, Preschool and Levels 1 - 3. This is to provide support for the child. The parent/caregiver does not need to be able to swim. They only need to be able to stand in shallow water, support the child and receive/follow instruction.
  • Classes will be limited to 6 people. 
  • Locker rooms will not be available until after your lesson is over. Please come dressed for lessons.
  • The viewing room and pool will not be able to accommodate viewers. 

For the COVID19 check-in procedure for the Indoor pool along with additional requirements, please reference this link: COVID19 Info for Indoor Pool

We appreciate your help in keeping our patrons and staff safe and healthy!

**The Emporia Recreation Commission asks parents to decide what is right for your child at this time. We are working with local and state authorities as well as the Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) to ensure we comply with the guidelines being put into place to provide the best possible experience for all. However, the ERC cannot guarantee that you or your child(ren)will not become infected with COVID-19.**

Signing Up For Lessons

Find class listings at the bottom of this page.  All classes must be preregistered and prepaid. You may only enroll in one session at a time. See below for on-line registration guidelines.  If the class you would like to register for is filled, please place your name on the waiting list. We may open more classes if possible. Classes may be cancelled and /or combined due to low registration numbers.

 All participants will receive an Achievement Booklet to track their progress through swim lessons. Instructors will indicate which skills the participant has accomplished and which skills need work.  If all skills are accomplished in a level, the participant can move to the next level.

Fee Waiver Scholarships

Fee waiver scholarships are available for Kindergarten through 10th grade, however this does not include private lessons.

  1. Parent/Child
  2. Preschool Levels
  3. Learn To Swim Levels
  4. Private

Introduced children between the ages of 6 months - 3 years to the water and teaches swimming readiness skills. Provides safety information for parents and teaches techniques parents can use to orient their children to the water. Parent/caregiver must participate in class.

Fee: $ 22 USD 253 Resident / $25 Non Resident

For information on our revised refund policy, please check https://www.emporiarec.org/152/ERC-Policies.

Reg. Closes
Link to Register
April 6-29Tuesday/Thursday
5-5:30 p.m.
March 31https://secure.rec1.com/KS/emporia-ks/catalog?filter=c2VhcmNoPTEzMzg3MDE=

Free Swim Lessons

Learn some new skills in the pool while giving our instructor trainers some experience teaching. Certified instructors and lifeguards will be on deck to give assistance to both the swimmers and new instructors. Participants will not receive any passing course certification but will have the opportunity to work on some skills in the water. There will be some free time to swim!

Beginners SwimmersERC4/UpSundays 1/31/211pm-2pm
Advanced BeginnersERC4/UpSundays2/07/2112:30pm-1:30pm
Advanced SwimmersERC6/UpSundays2/14/2112:30pm-1:30pm
Advanced SwimmersERC6/UpSundays2/21/2112:30pm-1:30pm
Advanced SwimmersERC6/UpSundays2/28/2112:30pm-1:30pm

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