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  1. This will be included on our website as part of your sponsorship.

  2. ERC will invoice you when we receive your completed form.
  3. Team T-Shirt Sponsor - $150 per team

    This sponsorship includes your business as the team name, business logo on t-shirt (if available), website featured on

  4. Field Sponsors

    A banner will be hung at the field of your choice while in season.

  5. Do you need a banner? $90
  6. Sports Sponsor Package - $500

    Sponsor two teams and one ballfield. (Does not include banner set-up if needed)

  7. Do you need a banner? $90
  8. Covers team jerseys and equipment/maintenance as needed. Includes Team Name and website link featured on 

    This sponsorship has a waiting list. If interested, please contact Shalla Bennett or Rick Cunningham at 620-340-6300.

  9. Questions?

    If you have any questions, please email Shalla Bennett, ERC Marketing Manager, at

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