How is the Emporia Recreation Commission funded?

ERC is funded through a variety of sources which include 

  • Donations
  • Property taxes
  • Sponsorships
  • User fees

The FY 2011 / 2012 Budget identifies that 59% of the budget is derived from taxes and 41% from self-sustaining funds. In 2010, the USD 253 School Board approved ERC to increase it’s mill levy up to 4 additional mills to be used for:

  • The care and upkeep of the Lee Beran Center and the various athletic facilities in town
  • Maintain and improve programs
  • Fund improvements for recreational facilities

The mill levy for the 2013 - 2014 budget was increased in anticipation of the recreation improvements approved in the Commission’s Recreation Facility Plan. Currently, ERC has levied only 2.5 additional mills out of the four to fund much needed infrastructure improvements to the Lee Beran Recreation Center and is in the process of studying improvements to various outdoor athletic fields.

Tax revenues pay for facility-related expenses. Adult recreation programs are supported by user fees and non-tax revenues, while youth programs, are supported by user fees and non-tax revenues, and in some instances are partially subsidized by tax revenues for our Financial Assistance Program.

Facility-related expenses include lease service, improvements, some administration, and a the maintenance on facilities. Facilities include the Lee Beran Recreation Center, various baseball and softball diamonds scattered around the community and the TRYSA Soccer Complex.

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