70th Anniversary: Celebrate ERC

70th Anniversary Emporia Recreation Commission Logo

“With very little risk for argument, it can be said that the greatest wealth of a nation is its children. How they are raised and what is done for them today will pay off later in making the world a better place to live. Organized recreation is one of the best outlets for learning and life experience in the modern complicated world. The provision of an opportunity for self-expression, recognition and new experiences, through recreation, is a vital new government responsibility for the American City.”

-James A. Peterson, Director of Recreation, Emporia, Kansas. First Emporia Recreation Commission Annual Report- 1954


Help us plan the future of the ERC!

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Celebrate ERC in 2023

As the Emporia Recreation Commission looks back at our history and celebrates our accomplishments over the last 70 years, we also want to look forward to the future. And the future is you. That is why for our 70th anniversary, we have established an initiative called “Celebrate ERC.” The initiative will include a group of community-minded individuals invited to meet with the Emporia Recreation Commission each month to learn more about our mission, our core values and to provide input as we plan for the future. Each month, we will present a core component of the ERC that includes lunch, a tour and a short program. The goal is to showcase our commitment to our community, to inspire this group to advocate for the ERC and to grow our footprint in Emporia and Lyon County. All community members are welcome to attend sessions. Just register in advance by calling 620-340-6300.

Meet: Third Wednesday, Monthly
Time: Noon - 1:00pm
Register by: Monday prior to meeting


Topic: Wellness - Health 
Location:ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Youth Sports - Basketball
Location:ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Maintenance - Grounds
Location: ERC Maintenance, 902 W. South Ave


Topic: Aquatics - JAC 
Location: Jones Aquatic Center, 4202 W. 18th Ave


Topic: Adult Sports - Pickleball
Location:ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Youth Sports - Baseball/Softball
Location: Peter Pan Ball Fields, 425 S. Congress


Topic: Wellness - Seniors
Location: ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Maintenance - Facility
Location: ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Youth Sports - Soccer
Location: DeBauge Sports Complex, 4201 W. 18th Ave


Topic: Programs - Day Trips/Travel
Location: ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Aquatics - Indoor Pool
Location: ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave


Topic: Sports - Golf Simulator
Location: ERC, 313 W. 4th Ave