Events and Activities

Kids playing in the pool.Public Swim

Public swim is offered to allow the public use of the indoor pool.  The pool features:
25 yards, 4 Lanes
Depth Range from 3.5-12 feet
Handicap Stairs and Chair Lift
Diving Board

Admission Fees:

Infants 0-3 yrs old $1
Youth 4-15 yrs old $2
Adults 16+ $3


Saturdays 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Sundays Noon - 2:00pm

Summer Hours and USD 253 Breaks:
Monday - Friday 2:00pm - 4:00pm

NEW! ERC Inclusive Swim - starts September 9th

This is an opportunity for individuals with special needs to enjoy a sensory friendly, structured swim. Lifeguards will assist with water-related games and activities. Music will be turned off and noises will be reduced. We ask parents and/or guardians to stay and siblings are welcome to join in the fun. Enjoy the pool in a more adaptive environment!

Saturday: 10:00 - 10:45am
Fee: $2/swimmer

Aquatics Event Calendar

  1. Flat Flipper Adventures 
  2. Swimming in Memories: September
  3. Meet Me in the Rec Game 2.0: September
  4. Spooky Swim: October
  5. Ghosts & Ghouls in the Pool: October 31
  6. Give Thanks by Giving: November 1 - 20
  7. November Trivia
  8. Count your Cookies: December
  9. Elf at the Rec: December
  10. Aquatic Cookie Exchange: December 18

Flat Flipper Adventures

Our Flat Flipper wants to be your travel companion! Flat Flipper is the ERC Aquatic’s version of the Flat Stanley Project. Pick up one of our Flat Flippers and take him on your next trip. Take a picture with Flat Flipper and send to the ERC Aquatics Team. We will post them to Facebook so everyone can see your adventure.

Cindy Hardin in the Carribean